Campaign "DATAMOST: Use patterns of LEVs".

We investigate what LEV-owners (class L5e, L6e, or L7e) like and don't like about their use of LEVs; what they think works well about LEVs and what they don't like as much; and how LEV owners use their LEVs on average.

Track your trips with your LEV (class L5e, L6e, or L7e) during our two-week survey period and tell us about your experiences on those trips and your everyday LEV-use!

The research project investigates the requirements and needs of LEV-owners. This concerns various questions, such as:

  • What do LEV-owners like and dislike about using their LEV?
  • What works well from their point of view and what not so much?
  • What should be improved and what should be maintained because of this?

The project is being conducted because there are no answers to these questions yet. Hypothetical data are insufficient, therefore an active participation of LEV-owners (class L5e, L6e or L7e) is absolutely necessary to get valid results.

For this purpose, LEV-owners will be surveyed and questioned about their LEV-usage patterns (class L5e, L6e or L7e). This should lead to a user-oriented representation of the requirements and needs for LEVs and thus provide a user-centered approach for the further design of LEVs.

The survey will be conducted between November 14 and November 30, 2022, and all interested LEV owners are invited to participate.

Write a participation email.