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How can DLR MovingLab assist you with your campaign?

As a technical research infrastructure of the DLR, MovingLab was developed to support projects within mobility and transport research in the surveying of data with temporal and spatial context. Therefore, the DLR MovingLab can support your recording of mobility data or your mobility project:

Surveying mobility data

The use of smartphones and other mobile devices to survey mobility data. Logging of movement data using GPS data and the sensor data in mobile devices

Recognition of modes of transport and trips

Automatic recognition of trips and modes of transport, summary of modes of transport. Customisation of standard routines in the automatic recognition of trips and modes of transport depending on project requirements.

Recognition of additional trip attributes

Automatic recognition of trip attributes such as duration and length, automatic attribution of frequently recurring trips and activities

Querying of trip attributes

Querying of the trip purpose and the modes of transport (e.g. occupancy rate, quality etc.) in a temporal, spatial or project-related context

Pool of test persons

Access to a pool of test persons throughout Germany, use of an own pool of test persons or special user groups

Test person questionnaires

Extensive entry and exit questionnaires for test persons concerning the project context, privacy policy and person-related survey data

DLR MovingLab database

Recording, saving and provision of data in a secure technical environment

What sets MovingLab apart from other solutions and apps?

DLR MovingLab enables the recording of movement data, automatically uses it to build trips and automatically assigns these trips to detected modes of transport. This quantitative data can be extended by the MovingLab’s app and web portal by any kind of survey data (qualitative). This represents a secure back channel of the user to the system with which technical movement data can be enriched depending on project requirements. MovingLab differs from classic trip diaries in that it automatically recognises the technical attributes of trips and modes of transport, displays these in the app or in the web portal on a map and enables qualitative surveys of the trips in the context of this map display. This makes the surveys a lot simpler to carry out because trips are easier to remember in a temporal and spatial context.


What technology does the DLR MovingLab use to support your survey?

The technical components are to be seen as modular. At least the app, the database and the privacy policy concept will be used in your survey. Additional components can be integrated as required. More information on the DLR MovingLab components can be found here:


The components

The entire system consists of four components. With the help of the mobile device or the website, test persons communicate with the DLR MovingLab system via the Internet.


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