Campaign "Potential-eTaxis"

The DLR MovingLab is used to collect data on the usage patterns of battery-electric cabs in Berlin and to derive trip lengths, waiting times, locations and other parameters of cab operations. This data will help to establish a demand-oriented charging infrastructure for cab traffic in Berlin.

In the Potential-eTaxis project, the electrification of the cab fleet in Berlin is to be scientifically accompanied. However, the electrification of the cab fleet is still in its infancy. For the transformation to succeed, the role of the cab industry must be redefined in a new competitive situation and emerging technologies. For this purpose, the requirements of cab passengers for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure will be determined. In addition, an analysis will map the existing structure and foreseeable development trends in the cab industry. For this purpose, the Institute of Transport Research of the German Aerospace Center uses empirical survey methods, models to determine charging requirements and economic methods for a structured analysis of the cab industry.

Sobald die Ergebnisse der Kampagne zur Verfügung stehen, werden diese hier veröffentlicht.