Campaign ‘I take the strain off cities’

Are cargo bicycles an everyday practical transport alternative for companies or employees in public institutions?

The focus of the campaign lies in gaining information about the use of cargo bicycles for commercial purposes. With the help of the DLR MovingLab, data on trips which are covered with the cargo bicycle are recorded in order to be able to draw conclusions about length, purpose and type of trip. In this way, the shift potential of trips, which otherwise would have been covered by the car, can be estimated.

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The practical test 

With 23 models of cargo bicycles in five designs and 150 test bicycles, we want to provide concrete motivation for an environmentally-friendly transport shift in a practical test at hundreds of companies and public institutions.


We provide various models of cargo bicycles completely according to individual requirements, without high investment costs and including versions which are particularly suitable for beginners. The project will be scientifically accompanied by us as part of our research assignment. In this way we will be able to give a sound estimation as to how the cargo bicycle will be accepted by business and public institutions as commercial vehicle. With the help of test pilots, we wish to clarify how far various sectors will be able to profit from using cargo bicycles and how far this will alleviate pressure on transport and therefore also cities.


The test persons use the app for commercial trips. Only cargo bicycles are used. Two telephone interviews are carried out during the trip period as well as 2 questionnaires at the end of the trip period – the handling of the app, for example, is also surveyed.

The following questions are surveyed while using the MovingLab:

  • What was the purpose of this trip?
  • How heavily loaded was the cargo bicycle?
  • How would you have carried out the trip without the test bicycle?Un
  • der the same circumstances, would you have preferred to carry out the trip with the car?


Before, during and after the test period, we ask the project participants about the use of the cargo bicycle. Our research is particularly interested in the following topics:

  • What is your verdict on everyday working use or what are your employees reporting?
  • Where exactly do you see practical advantages, but also obstacles, in the use of the cargo bicycle? 
  • In which transport tasks do cargo bicycles provide cost advantages?
  • How far do cargo bicycles improve the planning capability of deliveries and therefore reliability?
  • Do cargo bicycles represent a component for an ecological focus for your company or your institution?

Project partner

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
In-house: Institute of Transport Research at DLR
External: messengerGmbH


Preliminary round (test of components, entry questionnaire, etc.)
Start: 01/2017
Field phase/reporting period: 09/2017 – 12/2019
Completion round (validation, exit questionnaire, etc.): until early 2020